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Ira Tattelman: Day 3

I’m back at the Corcoran today.  Today is definitely a social day.

Lorenzo’s performing.  Edwina has her mom handing out cards.  And I’m working on more fishing net.  The fact that the Habitat is on a
concrete platform surround by smooth river stones really makes me feel like I’m on the water.  I’m from New England and I’ve been on some rocky beaches.

Gabrielle from Paris really made my day.  She was about 4 or 5.  When I asked her name, she said, “Picasso.”  I sat her down on a table with some paper and crayons.  She gave me one of her drawings when she left.  I’m still smiling.

People come by from many different countries.  They admired the art they were seeing, close to the White House.  We talked about sustainability and waste.  One young woman asked for suggestions for decreasing the build-up of garbage floating in the Pacific Ocean.
Some art can offer solutions while some can focus on awareness.  We had a student looking for a school that encourages graffiti art (he drew on paper rather than walls.)  We had photographers wondering how they could get involved.  And we had people, who seeing us at work, were willing to break whatever barriers exist and participate in aconversation.  Who could ask for more?