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Ira Tattelman 8/16 @ Corcoran

Today I arrive at the Corcoran.  Where do I work?  Where do I install?
I am feeling a rush of energy and activity.  It is great to be here.
Luckily, Lorenzo and Edwina are working.  They started on Monday.  I
am starting on Thursday.  They welcome me and clue me in.
It’s good to have Michael leading the way.  He’s done this before and
is completely accommodating.
I’m constructing an oversize fishing net out of black plastic disks
and cable ties.  I want my construction to open up discussions about
the Marine Avenue Fish Market in Southwest DC, a favorite spot for
locals but not very well known to tourists.  In addition, I plan to
discuss plastic pollution, especially in the middle of the Pacific
Ocean where plastic debris accumulates and creates garbage islands.
The plastic fishing net becomes a metaphor for collecting the plastics
in the ocean.
My favorite comments come from two visitors.
“Artists are such thinkers and philosophers.” and “I never knew that before.”
Hopefully, some of folks I talked to will research the plastic piling
up in the middle of the ocean.
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