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Michael Asbill 8/13


Beth Wilson 8/10

Yesterday was very hot, yet still in the middle of the day, a number of people came & engaged with us at the sheds. My very first 'customer' for my psychogeographical consulting services was Tonya, who works with the DC Arts Commission. I couldn't have asked for a better audience! She was very taken with the project, and said that she wanted to take her selection of postcards with her, in order to really seriously think through her narrative. (I'm attaching the text of the directions, etc for the project also.) She promised to come back on Saturday to turn in her grouping & narrative.

Setting up today at THEARC, where they're having an opening this afternoon for their youth art program. I'm very much looking forward to connecting with that group, and to see how they want to look at the images and information I've assembled.